Like many trumpet players I startet playing in a brass band. At my home village in black forest ( Schenkenzell) I startet playing at the age of 11 with Musikverein Schenkenzell.

I never had a teacher and so I learned for myself until today.

After playing brass band and Rockjazz I startet working as a trumpet teacher at the "Städtische Schülerkapelle Karlsruhe" while studying electrical engineering at University of Karlsruhe. I played in the bands Moritz , Magnitubel Pödes Bigband (Giga Brunner), CAPBAND (Funk) and different helps where I met and played with some pro musicians like Klaus Graf, Ekkard Baur, Josef Herzog, Ingolf Burkhardt, Thomas Vogel, Peter Lehel , Thilo Wagner.
I also met the great trombone player and bandleader Bobby Burgess (please see Bobby Burgess Big Band Explosion).

While working as an engineer near Heidelberg I played in the bands

LA Reed Bigband (unter Uli Preiss und Rainer Heute )
Jocke Nerz Bigband
little BIG Rhythm&Brass (Karl-Heinz Schäfer)
Galapagos Bigband
Fat Cat
Helps in different (big)bands and salsa bands (e.g. Sonando (France), Combo Latino), also studio work.

Workshops and concerts with

Actual projects are:

Uni Bigband Siegen
L.A.Reed Bigband
B4 Bigband Bonn