Roy Etzel

Since October 2023 I have been the owner of Roy Etzel's instruments from his last 30 (trumpet) and 45 (flugelhorn) years of life.

Roy Etzel was a soloist with Kurt Edelhagen at the end of the 1940s, later lead trumpeter with Max Greger and Bert Kaempfert, among others, before becoming a self-employed trumpet soloist in the 1960s and became very well known throughout Europe.
The result was many records, many television appearances and many years of busy schedules. He died in 2015 at the proud age of 90. His wife followed him in 2023.

His instruments have now found a place of honor with me.

This trumpet can also be seen in the following television clips:

Roy Etzel, 1986 Auftritt im ZDF
Roy Etzel - Der Sommerwind 1989
Roy Etzel - Die letzte Rose 1995